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Argentine Association of Spanish Language Schools 

AACELE, Argentine Association of Spanish Language Schools, is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and guaranteeing excellence in Spanish language teaching. Our most important aims are 1) to ensure that students receive top-quality Spanish lessons in Argentina; and 2) to represent the interests of our member schools.

Learn Spanish Abroad?

Visit Buenos Aires and its magic Tango, our Pampas and their huge extensions, our Patagonia with its lakes, forests and glaciers, our Andes with their snowed peaks, our tropical rainforest and, above all, enjoy the hospitality of our people which invites the visitor to stay and know Argentina in depth. And learn Spanish in Argentina; take lessons in one of our Spanish schools to ensure a perfect experience. Furthermore, we have the academic collaboration of the Consorcio Interuniversitario de Argentina, a consortium formed by prestigious universities all over the country, and which has developed the official Spanish Exam of Argentina known as CELU.

All our schools cater for excellence in Spanish courses, with different options. To know more, please contact us

Note: the Spanish schools included in this site are members of AACELE and as such fulfill our specific requirements as well as the rules and regulations in force in Argentina.

Why schools enroll with AACELE?

AACELE’s mission:

  • To promote our Spanish schools and their role in the community in general and within the educational community in particular.

  • To create firm ties between AACELE and the different entities related with the teaching of Spanish as a second language.

  • To promote our member schools around the world, through fairs and other suitable means.

Become a member school? Please contact us


President: Ms. Lorena Belcastro

Vicepresident: Ms. Alejandra D'Atri

Responsible for International Affairs: Ms. Mariela Tort




Rivadavia 1559 2º C | +54 11 4381 - 2076  |  info@aacele.com.ar |  www.www.aacele.com.ar


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